Champ de Fleurs


Life be life'n. 

We know what this means. 


This life has not been the easiest for us. 

We have the scars, the broken hearts, the trauma and the losses to prove it. 

We've laid bare, worn and tired of it all. 


The one thing that lives within us is our fire. To find a way through the storms - to get to the other side. 

It's tough, but we're tougher. 

This time, we're walking towards our healing 

We're finding new ways to repair our mind, body and soul.  Gone are the days of accepting whatever life throws at us. 


With each step our path becomes more clear.



We're all about joy at the center of our lives - for growth and connection.  

We’re attracted to things of tremendous value. This makes us feel confident, connected and self-full.  

What we put on it is magical because our skin craves nature’s healing essence, plucked right from the source.