Champ de Fleurs


We believe in quaint spaces, elegant plants, and fluffy pets. 

We love special events, brunches, refreshing drinks, and laughter. 

We surprise our friends on our random trips because their hugs are worth it.


We believe in supporting others. Where cheering them on to the finish line is a given. 


We work hard and love what we accomplish.  

We're all about joy at the center of our lives - for growth and connection. 



We imagine visiting foreign lands filled with lush hues.

We want to be captivated by nature - for just for a moment or two.

We believe in swaying our hips to soul-filled music - at least once a day. 



We work hard making a delicious breakfast. 

Lunch and dinner? Not so much.

We don’t go crazy over the next health trend but, we’ll take clean, well-made products any day.  

We enjoy local markets and one-of-a-kind finds.  They add to our interesting sense of style.



We give back.

We make a good impact on others.

We’re a force for good. 



Hate? We don’t have room for it. Positivity gets us further along. 



We love honesty, with gentleness in tow. 

We’re attracted to things of tremendous value. This makes us feel confident, connected and self-full.  



We love our bodies. 

What we put on it is magical because our skin craves nature’s essence, plucked right from the source.

We love awakening our senses and preserving new experiences. They make for great stories, in an awkward moment.


We want to burst in wonder - to learn more and love more.


Come away with me, as we open our senses to joy, making a difference, experiencing lush cultures and feeling reconnected to our own roots. 


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