Champ de Fleurs



Champ de Fleurs

sha (n) dē flûr



A skincare line for women who want an island experience by using naturally designed products inspired by the Caribbean


I was twelve, and my mom needed cash, and there was no job in sight. So she quickly thought up a plan. She bought a case of soda, beer, and water, tucked them in a styrofoam cooler, filled it with ice, and began selling to our community. I knew she was doing something right, something for us, and beyond us.

Champ de Fleurs About


When I had a moment to spare, I fled into the garden. It's here where I felt one with nature. To sit in the plum tree and soak up all of nature's deliciousness.  It was in a moment like this where I imagined my own business. Dreaming of a way to help others meaningfully. 




papaya skin care



This dream took root in my heart, and now I get to share it with you and, to celebrate my culture.

I create plant-based products because I believe nature has an impressive way of nourishing, correcting and soothing skin. Champ de Fleurs was also created to share the pieces of my childhood and to call forward all the gifts I’ve learned from my mother. 











Here in the Champ de Fleurs community, we believe in a few things: 


We love being kissed by the warm sun

We welcome cool salt-water on our skin as we slowly enter the ocean 


We want to be washed in rainwater, drenched in mango butter then swinging from a hammock, made by hand


We sway our bodies to notes of calypso and reggae wafting in the air, while the sun showers the horizon with blushes of color. 


We see ourselves tucked in rich rainforests 

Captivated by nature’s sound echoing from the highest trees 


What we put on our body is magical. 

Our skin craves nature’s essence, plucked right from the source.  


We love awakening our senses and pursuing new experiences. They make for great stories, at any moment. 


We want to burst in wonder - to learn more and love more.   


Come away with me, as we open our senses to natural ingredients, making a difference, experiencing rich cultures and feeling reconnected to our roots, even if you're not a woman from the Caribbean islands.  




“Beginnings are usually scary, and endings are usually sad, but its everything in between that makes it all worth living.” - Bob Marley





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