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Hello, I’m Venessa.


I am the creator of Champ de Fleurs (sha de flur), a company that focuses on supporting you in your self care journey through mindfully-created products and practices. 


I like to look at self care as a practice or many practices that heal; one that connects you to the deepest parts of yourself.  It's supportive, nourishing, soothing and sometimes, down right uncomfortable.


 And that, is far from selfish.  It's Self-Full.


Over the years, I've collected a set of practices that I take with me everywhere I go. They’ve especially become important in my self care journey - 

They support me in and out of the house. They come in handy when I'm triggered. They ground me in times of anxiety. They also regulate my nervous system and allow me to rest. To turn that switch off and experience deep rest. 



So what you’ll find here at Champ de Fleurs are mindfully-created, holistic products and practices that are great supporters for your self care journey.

Each can help you create your own self-care-tool-kit if you will - healing tools for your every day and most needed moments.  



So get ready to:


I am honored to be of service to you in your journey. I’m also very happy you’re choosing self. Look at you go! 


xx Venessa 🌹



There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self - Aldous Huxley








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