Champ de Fleurs

About 2

Hello, I’m Vee. I am the creator of Champ de Fleurs (sha de flur), a company that focuses on supporting you in your self care journey through holistic products. 


While the words self care sounds soothing to the ears, self care helps heal and connect you to the deepest parts of yourself - revealing the true you to you.  I know this because in 2018 I found myself at rock bottom. 

I created my own self care tool box if you will. One that contained various acts of care for the moments I needed it the most. 


They’re all created to support you whether you need to ground your mind, care for your sensitive body, uplift your spirit or clear away stagnant, negative energy. 


I’m so happy you found me here. I’m also very happy you’re choosing self. Look at you go! 





Skin-care developer

Certified Incense Crafter

Certified Meditation Teacher

Certified Breath-work Teacher


There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self - Aldous Huxley