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Product Review: CDF Skin Care The Summer Mint + The Charcoal Corrector

Product Review: CDF Skin Care The Summer Mint + The Charcoal Corrector

Hey Queens!

You know how sometimes you go to the internet looking for one thing then 3 hours & 300 clicks later, you stumble across gold?! That is basically what happened when I found CDF Skin Care. I was looking for hair products for Black Friday and a curlfriend mentioned the company and how much she loved the products. So I ended up on @CDFSkinCare IG page and switching back and forth from IG to her shop for hours just self diagnosing my skin, window shopping, & chatting it up with the owner/creator Ginger-Vee (she slays! read more about her insight on slaying skin care) about which products are best for my situation plus more. Black Friday struck and I purchased two products I didn’t have in my regimen, but knew I needed for to kick off  #365HealthySkin. I purchased the Detox + Exfoliate + Clarifying Set which included The Summer Mint- AHA SKIN TONER FOR OILY, INFLAMED ACNEIC SKIN & The Charcoal Corrector- (MASK) OILY SKIN ABSORBER + CLARIFIES ACNE. After one month of use, here is what I thought…




I received the most perfectly packaged items with such a personal touch. From browsing the website to receiving my items, my entire experience was super personal. The package includes the beautiful packages above, how-to informative cards, and a personal note thanking me for the purchase and more tips, resources, and advice.



my skin has random hormonal breakouts, the Summer Mint toner soothes my small breakouts IMMEDIATELY. The Summer Mint is a toner for acne prone & oily skin. It’s purpose is to balance out your acne/oily skin. Per CDF Skin Care website, its an astringent that exfoliates skin and lightens blemishes + scars with natural alpha hydroxy acids. It also treats breakouts with willow bark, brightens + evens skin tone with peptides. It is a spray bottle you can either spritz a cotton ball or spray directly on your face. I used it twice a daily after cleansing and before apply moisturizer. I spray my entire face and allow to dry. The scent takes you to a private beach like no other- basically its ridiculously refreshing.

The Charcoal Corrector is a face mask that balances oily skin and clarifies acne. Per CDF Skin Care, its best for absorbing extra oil and taming acne flare ups. You can add your own choice of moisture (recommended by the owner- acv, water, etc). I use water and mix with an application tab until the powder is a creamy texture. Apply with the tab and allow to dry.


The price of each product is not cheap, but it is amazingly worth it. I’ve estimated my two products to last for the next 2-4 months at the least. I love to calculate my product’s worth by the diving the price by how many months it lasted/will last.



Overall- I Love It!

I’m sold and I recommend this brand to any skin type, but particularly women with sensitive skin. The owner is amazingly knowledge about her craft, the products are curated with value, and I just cannot stop using because they truly work. My skin is glowing after one month of care and cannot wait to see more improvement.


Have you tried CDF Skin Care? What’s your view on organic skin care? Comment your thoughts so we can chat?

As always- create your own happiness,