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I love her energy! Read What She Had To Say...

I love her energy!  Read What She Had To Say...

CDF Skin Care

Yes, I admit it. I’m a soap fan.  I can’t help it, I have a thing for creamy, soft and luscious soap bars and CDF Skin Care delivers all that right to your door, (Shipping charges apply, wink). And if you’re a pumpkin spice groupie then “Hey, Pumpkin!”, is calling you.

“Hey, Pumpkin” is a Pumpkin infused soap made with natural ingredients like, olive oil, coconut oil, pumpkin seed oil, Mango Butter and many more succulent ingredients for extra dry skin.

If you’re not too into sweet scents, then you can check out the “Fresh Bar” , a tomato and charcoal based soap with a ultra “fresh” and clean aroma. They’re both very buttery and they literally melt in your hands, moisturizes incredibly and the owner Ginger-Vee is an amazing owner, super funny, cares about her customers, making the shopping experience so different &; unique.

I recently purchased a set of their Aloes + Zaboca Bars and Girlllll! Talk about creamy goodness!

Ginger also has a YouTube channel where she takes you along the soap making experience. The blog also keeps you up to date with ingredients and tips on how to care for your skin. There is nothing “small” about shopping small businesses, you always get a lot more for your money and the quality of the products surpasses my expectations every time.