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How can meditation benefit you?

How can meditation benefit you?


I have experienced powerful benefits emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually through my meditation practice. I didn't think I would feel a lot of its benefits to be honest but let me tell you I have. 


So, word around town is that meditation will leave your body feeling calm with better sleep than ever before - and that's what I really needed. My anxiety was at a 10, like a light switch that couldn't turn off. My sleep was always interrupted with jolts of anxiety and nightmares. So, I figured I'd give it a try. 


  1. I feel so much calm in my day. The only way I describe it is a gentle quietness in my head. Thoughts still run but they don't find myself spiraling. 
  2. In about 5 days with 20 minutes of meditation I found myself able to focus on my tasks. 
  3. I'm a creative person. However, if you want to expand or increase your creativity meditation is it!  I do however plan out my day or else I will be up all night creating. This brings me to the next benefit:
  4. I need less sleep. I've learned that this happens with regular meditating. I do feel rested throughout the day. 
  5. My memory has improved greatly. I've been doing a bit of test taking for this course I'm in and I was so surprised that I passed every single one. My forgetfulness is now few and far between. A big win for me!
  6. 2018 was the year of deep depression and anxiety for me. I've found that both have decreased considerably with meditation and of course making life changes. 
  7. My self awareness: My emotions used to run all over the place at any point in time. Today, I am aware of the feelings that arise in my body. I am able to name them and be able to adjust my emotions without judgement and frustration. 


Brain Benefits

  • An increase in brain matter improve learning and memory processing
  • A decrease in rumination and depression. 
  • An increased in creativity
  • The ability to make decisions quick;y and clearly 



The science behind meditation benefits

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