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A Nasty Cut and a Win Win Situation

A Nasty Cut and a Win Win Situation


Have you ever been cut by a plant? You know, the kind of knife-wielding plant on a mission to scar your delicate skin?  

Okay, I'm exaggerating just a bit. But seriously. Have you?

I was swiped nastily by an aloe leaf.  I guess that's what I got for stomping around in my mother's herb garden.  

I didn't learn my lesson and I got a few more swipes after that.  Interestingly, the same plant that came after me was the same plant I used to heal those cuts.  

I don't know if to call it a win-win but my skin won in the end. And days later the scars were nothing to talk about.  

It's one of the reasons why I included Aloe in my first ever vegetable soap: The Aloes Nourish Me Bar.  

Aloe Nourish Me Bar and Zaboca Butter Bar

It's a skin powerhouse that just keeps on giving or loving. And guess what?  I'm giving away a Zaboca Butter Bar for every two Aloes Nourish Me Bars you purchase. 


Yes, an extra bar tucked into your package once you purchase 2 Aloes Bars This is for a limited time (ends June 13th) so head over to the Aloes Bar page, place your order and I will add an extra bar just for you.  

Enjoy the rest of your day and this beautiful weather we're having. And please, stay away from knife-wielding plants okay? Okay, good.  



Photo by Cari Corbet-Owen