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What's your most embarrassing moment? Here's mine :(

What's your most embarrassing moment? Here's mine :(

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Happy new year darling, 

I went out to this lovely event to watch a cricket game.  I wore white and my hair and skin glistened in the tropical sun.  You couldn't tell me that I wasn't the bronze angel from up above. 

Then it happened. Too good to be true. 

My aunt was at the bottom of the dirt hill (where the game was) and I, at the top.  She waved me on to meet her at the bottom of the hill.  I stepped on a "large stone" which was actually dirt and my body rolled down the hill.  Legs in the air, glistening hair now muddy, a crowd laughing and me, embarrassed - swearing to never come out of the house ever again.  

I looked like an ashy, muddy disheveled teenager.  

So why am I talking to you about this embarrassing moment when all you want to know is what's going on in Champ de Fleurs?

Well, if you're not taking a good handle on a consistent skin care regimen, in the winter, it's like being a walking advertisement for ashiness. Or worse, like a rolling dustball in front of wondering eyes: Why is she so ashy?

So what are the steps:

1. A moisturizing soap 
2. A sugar scrub (I usually make this at home) every other day in the wintertime 
3. A moisturizing cream or butter - 2 to 3 times a day, as sheets and warm clothing can such the life out of your skin

Today, I'm launching the Cacao and Cocoa Butter Bar. So that you've got your first step covered.  It's filled with cocoa butter, neem and to help with that bout of ashiness or that unexpected ashiness that may be ahead.

Happy New Year 

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