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What happened to the Melanin Bar?

What happened to the Melanin Bar?

Happy Melanin Day

I mean, every day is melanin day.  
And I just made it up.  No biggie, beautiful things are created daily.  

Ode to the Melanin Butter Bar
Luscious skin that's dewy and moisturized.  
Cleansed with simple yet exquisite cocoa butter. 
Charcoal covering every inch of your body. 
While coconut oil lathers and conditions it.

What she said: 
I'm in love with this bar! (melanin bar).  It cleans so well and doesn't leave that soapy residue feeling on your skin. I like to use it on my chest (I have a toddler with gross little hands who loves to put them all over her mama), arms, and face. It clears my small breakouts right up! Even my husband loves using this bar and he deals with full body acne breakouts regularly so we're thankful to have found something that helps soothe the skin. - Shameka 

A new change to the shop:

  • The Melanin Bar is discontinued.  
  • She had a heavenly run and has hopes to return in the form of another lush bar. 
  • The last batch was made today and will be ready for purchase, until supplies last.  
  • I'm happy you enjoyed it as much as I did.  

Thank you for reading. 


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