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The Most Popular question this Caribbean woman receives: Island Babe Series with Jenissa

The Most Popular question this Caribbean woman receives: Island Babe Series with Jenissa



Which island are you representing?

- I represent Trinidad & Tobago



What’s your favorite thing about the Caribbean?

 - Oooh, it's difficult to choose. Although if I must, I would say the beauty, both in terms of the natural environment and the culture. 



  How do you know when it’s time to reset and rejuvenate?

- I know that it's time to rest and rejuvenate when I feel uninspired, emotionally or mentally exhausted but also, simply when I return from traveling for work. 




  At what point in your life did you feel full of joy for your culture?

- During childhood, I enjoyed many aspects of my culture but I couldn't articulate the impression of those things then. Moving away from home for university and living in a foreign country where I was no longer closely surrounded by my culture made me appreciate it immeasurably more. By then, I had also found the words to convey the joy and pride that my culture imparts to me. Since my culture very deliberately informs and inspires many of my creative endeavors.



  What’s the most popular question you’re asked by someone, not from the Caribbean? Does it irk you? Why/why not?

- Perhaps the most popular question I receive from people who are not from the Caribbean is whether I'm Jamaican. It does irk me because there are so many other (English speaking) islands besides Jamaica and I wish they were celebrated/known more. However, even though the question is irksome, it has indicated to me how good of a job Jamaica has done in branding itself and it has led me to want to contribute to rebranding or rather branding Trinidad & Tobago.





  In island form, which slang you love using the most?  And, can you tell us what it means to you?

- Hmmm...Gosh, there are so many Trini slangs, sayings, and proverbs I love. One of my favorites is "Yuh cyah play mas and fraid powder." This proverb stems from Trini Carnival subculture and it has various meanings. One is the more literal, that a person shouldn't go to a celebration if he/she doesn't want to get down and dirty. The other meaning is that a person shouldn't become involved in controversy if he/she is afraid of criticism.



  One place in the islands you would recommend and why.

-  That's a no-brainer!  Lol. Trinidad & Tobago! The twin islands are such a cool blend of vibes. Trinidad is the passionate, colorful, cosmopolitan sister that seduces with her infectious, fun loving personality. Tobago is the sister who is more laid back, more at ease with her natural beauty.



  Where can people find you?  

 - People can find me at or @ancestral_memory via Instagram




Thank you so much Jenissa! 

I hope you follow her life and good energy over on her Insta and I hope you enjoyed reading her interview. 

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