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(Review) What Jamal said...

(Review) What Jamal said...

Reviews are very important because they help you determine if this is the same result you are wanting to achieve. Reviews are also important to help me see your experiences so I can study and create a better or new product.  


This month, we’ve got a review from Jamal.

Here’s what he had to say.

  • Not only do I enjoy cooking, baking, using essential oils with coconut milk but now I get to take showers with this amazing coconut milk bar made by the champ herself. Thank you 🙏 for the blessings. FYI: great for eczema!!!


Thank you dearly Jamal! 


I created the Milk Bar because I’ve received quite a number of questions, all asking - Do you have a bar for sensitive skin?


Then, the Milk Bar was born.  

It’s a simple bar with a short list of ingredients. 

  • Oils and butters that are carefully blended into a sea of coconut milk, vegetable fats and marigold petals.  The Milk Bar is also great for someone who wants an unscented bar that’s gentle on the skin.


So a simple question can inspire a new product and a review can help others in return.

  • In this review, Jamal loved his bar because it was gentle enough for his eczema.  And if you know anything about eczema you know how dry eczemic skin can be and the gentle ingredients it needs. 


If you’ve ever written a review on the site I thank you. And if you haven’t, you can head over to a product you’ve bought recently or in the past and drop me a line or two.  



Hope you’re having a lovely day.  Stay safe and healthy!




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