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Preorder the new fall soaps here.

Introducing the newest soaps: Pumpkin, sugar and spice& Oatmeal, coconut milk and honey.

Let’s be honest, fall is here. The darkness is slipping in and before you know it, the leaves will be on the ground. I feel like each season comes to remind us of change - It’s inevitable. Change is happening around us every day and, what’s important now more than ever is how we support ourselves in these changes.

Today, put your attention on how you can support yourself at all times. Does that mean more movement, more greens, meditating, more sleep, creating your own skincare regimen? Each season reminds us of change but it’s also reminding us to give to ourselves, in whichever healthy form.

While we can feel the season change upon us - this is also the season for desserts, exfoliation, warmth and comfort. You know, something delicious to the senses and skin. So, I created two new bars that reflect that.



Pumpkin, sugar and spice

  • The Pumpkin bar is rich in fresh pumpkin, pumpkin oil and dehydrated pumpkins. As skin transitions from summer to fall it’s the perfect time to add natural alpha hydroxy acids to your regimen. Pumpkin is rich in alpha hydroxy acids. These enzymes break through layers of dead skin cells. This means your moisturizers, lotions, creams and/or body butters will absorb into your skin cells effectively.


Oatmeal, coconut milk and honey bar

  • The Oatmeal, coconut milk and honey bar is all about soothing dry skin. One whiff and you’ll be wrapped with a warm morning hug. Oatmeal does something quite special for the skin: each time you shower with the Oatmeal bar, tiny particles settle onto the skin evenly. These particles create a protective film to reduce water loss relieving itchy, dry skin.


I’m proud of these two delicious bars and I know your skin will love them too! Today, I’m taking preorders for both bars and will ship on the 22nd. Come on through and get one of each.

Here’s to good change!

Have an awesome day.




Founder of Champ de Fleurs 

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