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Did you know? - Mango butter skin benefits

Did you know? - Mango butter skin benefits

Happy summer darling!

In this week’s series we’re highlighting the ever so buttery Mango Butter and its skin benefits.

Mango butter comes from the fat extracted from the seed of the mango. The fat is buttery soft on the skin and, provides the skin with deep hydration to heal damaged skin faster. It's also has a lot of Vitamin E in it which means its shelf life is longer than other butters - a 2 year shelf life.


Mango butter is also considered a dry butter. This means it can absorb into the skin faster than other butters. And maybe, you knew this already.

But did you know that you can reduce skin damage caused by cell phones and the sun?

  • Mango butter has the ability to soothe and further protect skin exposed to uv radiation. We’re talking sun exposure and using your phone. So applying a thin amount to skin can help protect it from further damage.

  • Damage to the skin may look like unevenness, dryness and small lines.

  • It’s great to have a small amount of mango butter on hand or use products/sunscreen containing mango butter (listed below). It’s healing properties are sure to protect your skin from damage.

  • Mango butter is also said to lighten and even hyperpigmented skin. Did you know that the sun can darken the skin? Try a little dab onto the dark areas and superficial acne scars to help. 
  • Please note: This is not a sunscreen replacement. Simply a natural protectant that contains vitamins to improve skin.


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 Here are soaps containing mango butter 


     Toco Loco Bar 


   Sea-Moss Punch Bar 

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