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Maintain your nail moisture with this ingredient

Maintain your nail moisture with this ingredient

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With this annoying (at this point) Covid-19 I feel like I've been washing my hands every 30 seconds.

I know I'm not alone in this! 
  • Even with this virus looming around I've always taken extra care because I do run a skincare business that requires washing, disinfecting, sanitizing my hands, tools, and environment.  So dry hands and cuticles are not foreign to me.  


What I do to combat dry hands and nails is to moisturize my hands consistently. 
I'm sure you've noticed that not moisturizing your nails especially, leads to breakage and nasty hangnails.  

The one thing that never lets me down is having a small bottle of moisturizing oil in each bathroom and kitchen. I've taken the time to massage a simple oil like rice oil onto my nails -  perfect for moisturizing dry nail beds and flaky hands. 

  • Rice oil is a mild, moisturizing oil that's so gentle it can be used on baby's delicate skin.  It's rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins. It has a high percentage of fatty acids. It adds moisture to your hair, lips and contributes to smooth spreadability in nail polishes. 

It's the first ingredient in every bar of soap I make because I do believe in its ability to regulate the production of sebum (like jojoba) while moisturizing, softening and protecting dry skin. 

Now, not all of us have a bottle of rice oil laying around and I totally understand that.  Here are some other oils I recommend in place of rice bran oil:
  • Hemp seed oil  - unrefined 
  • Almond oil - unrefined 
  • Jojoba oil 
  • Coconut oil or MCT oil

Right after washing my hands for 20 or more seconds, I apply my rice oil to my hands. And with enough slip, I work it up to my arms. If I'm not spreading the oil up my arms I will apply it to damp and not wet hands. 

I hope this email reaches you in good health and I pray you are taking care of your mental health because fear can surely eat away at the mind.  

Stay healthy


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