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How To Use Tea Tree Essential Oil For Acne

How To Use Tea Tree Essential Oil For Acne

Hey darling, 

Picture it. You've bought your acne moisturizer, and now you're waiting for it to arrive. While you wait, here's a quick DIY treatment for that nasty breakout.  

In today's read, I want to share an experience I had when I began looking into natural DIY ingredients years ago. Welcome to the how to use or mix tea tree essential oil for acne/pimples.

I had a lot of breakouts around my mouth, my forehead, and cheeks. It was quite frustrating. So I went online and saw people recommending Tea Tree Essential Oil to clear their breakouts.  

I figured...

It was natural
It came from a plant 
It was inexpensive 

I mean why wouldn't it work?
The truth is, it overworked my delicate skin because I used it incorrectly.

I assumed that since it was an oil, it was easy to spot treat and spread all over my face.  Wrong!!
At first, my skin became sensitive and my acne burned. I noticed dry patches and scabs on my skin a couple of days later.

Have you ever experienced this? Well if you have, then I've got a solution for you.  

When you're using tea tree oil it's best to know the right amounts to add to your oil. Yes, an oil. 
This oil is called a carrier or vegetable oil and must be used with any essential oil.  

Which Carrier/Vegetable Oil to use:

  • Tamanu: said to be non-irritating, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and effective in treating skin wounds (acne)
  • Sea Buckthorn: this speeds up healing and redness
  • Sesame Seed: rejuvenates acne wounds while providing skin with a small sun protection
  • Almond / Apricot: widely used oils that are light and moisturizing on the skin 
  • Jojoba is always great as it's a wax that closely mimics the sebum in our skin. 

Okay, so how much should I mix?
  • Start with a 1% dilution: 5-6 drops essential for every ounce of carrier oil
  • You can also use a 2% dilution: 10-12 drops for every ounce of carrier oil

Always do a spot test in the crook of your arm and the back of the knee.  Wait 24 hours to see if a reaction occurs. If not, proceed with applying it to your skin.  

  • Cleanse 
  • Tone 
  • Few Drops of Tea Tree Solution to palms and apply to face.  If your skin is dry, you can use your serum before or apply the solution to damp toned skin.  

That's it. 
Simple right?

Well, darling thanks so much for opening up the email and taking a read. 

Till the next post. 

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