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Change to the Instagram name and a New Direction

Change to the Instagram name and a New Direction

So as you know, and if you've been following me for quite some time I changed my name from CDF Skincare to Champ de Fleurs. 



Now it's a simple change on my end, however, I wanted my business name to not be abbreviated and to reflect the softness and essence of my brand.  



Also, I wanted to drive home what Champ de Fleurs stands for.  

The name Champ de Fleurs comes from a quaint town resting in Trinidad and Tobago (in the Caribbean) called Champs Fleurs.  The slight change to the town's name is a reminder of playing in the flower garden around our home there.  



You see I grew up surrounded by lush vegetation.  I was close to the earth, seeing life being born out of it, feeding and nourishing our bodies daily.  I learned about healing, community, connection, and pure, light love. 


  • Now, I get to share my culture and other cultures in the Caribbean with you - teaching you what I learned from my time there.  In addition to, creating natural products designed skincare, inspired by the Caribbean. 

So don't be surprised if you see a luxury bar made of sweet potatoes, hemp or even coconut milk - you get the idea.   

I hope this helps. 

I hope you want to book a ticket and fly to an island and

if not, 

you get to experience pieces of it with me.  


Enjoy this lovely day.







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