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Boost Your Moisturizers with These 2 Oils

Boost Your Moisturizers with These 2 Oils
3 oils to boost your face moisturizer
Here is an up-close look at a face moisturizer with a couple drops of an oil booster.

I love a great moisturizer but back in the day I always found that when the seasons changed I almost always had to change my moisturizer - to keep up with the heat or the cool air.  

  • Currently, one of the ways I know it's time to change my moisturizer is if my skin looks a bit oily or feeling a bit dry.  Luckily, with my cucumber face cream, all I have to do is add a bit more or less to my face and voila.  

There's also another option - adding a natural, potent oil for your skin type.  If you don't have the cucumber face cream on hand then you can add a couple drops of an oil booster to your moisturizer, to improve its efficacy.  

Currently, the weather is in transition to fall and the air is going to be a bit dry.  This means that extra moisture is needed.  What I recommend is using a couple drops of avocado oil or hemp seed oil to your moisturizer.  
  • Avocado seed oil contains essential fatty acids to improve dry skin struggling with the transition into fall.  Avocado seed oil has been shown to improve skin conditions within a matter of a month or so.  The outer most layer of your skin will drink this up and feel nourished
  • Hemp seed oil contains fatty acids for skin that's more flexible and stronger.  It won't clog your pores and it naturally draws moisture into your skin.  I mean, it's a win-win-win: strengthening, evening skin tone, moisturizing and more.  

oil moisturizer Photo by Sharon Pittaway

These two oils are my current favs and saviors and I recommend them almost all of the time.  I hope you get to give these a try.  You can also give the cucumber face cream a try.  It contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin B and aloe juice to serve your face with moisture while evening out skin tone.  


You can get your hemp seed oil here and your avocado seed oil here.  There are lots of places you can get your oils, these are a couple of suggestions.  



Thanks so much for reading beauty.  I hope you give these a try and let me know how it works out for you.  




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