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3 Easy DIY Face Masks For Healthy Gorgeous Skin, For Spring

3 Easy DIY Face Masks For Healthy Gorgeous Skin, For Spring


It seems to have a mind of its own throughout the year.  I mean, that’s how I felt throughout my many years of self care.  I was fearful that putting grainy, pureed/mashed foods on my face wouldn’t be effective - and more like a waste of time. I also discovered that chemical-laden commercial products didn’t support me and my acne each season.

So, I opened my heart and mind and began looking through my pantry, my fruit/vegetable drawers and local markets for it.  It was how my natural skin care business came to be and I began helping women with their mild-moderate acne.

  • The masks below are quick and effective fixes when you’ve ran out of your clay masks or need to switch things up now and again. You’ll notice that they leave your skin radiant, smooth and breakout - free!

Spring has sprung and it’s the perfect time to switch up your skincare routine.  Why? Well, skin shifts throughout the seasons, and since spring has landed in all her glory, it’s time for a shake up.  

My homemade masks I whip up when spring arrives are pretty simple to make with ingredients you can quickly find at your local market, or in your pantry/fridge. Each ingredient comes with its own benefits to exfoliate, add a bouncy glow, reduce oiliness and hydrate skin. 



The first mask I love has the ability to hydrate skin that’s still stuck in winter mode. Maybe you’re indoors for a long period and your skin’s moisture is being stolen by the warm air.  So let’s introduce the Honey, Cinnamon and Jojoba Mask.


Honey has the ability to draw moisture to parched skin. Cinnamon promotes circulation and results in a brighter glow (because dry skin can look dull). Jojoba oil is simply a waxy oil that mimics the sebum in our own skin. Also, the addition of jojoba will ensure enough moisture, without the oiliness. 

1 teaspoon of honey
A dash of cinnamon
2 drops of jojoba oil

Add all of the ingredients in your glass bowl and mix well.  Apply this mask to your skin, with a masking brush (I find this is easier), or your finger tips. You may experience some tingling (stimulation) because of the cinnamon.  Leave on for 5 mins then wash off with warm water.  Apply your toner and moisturizer thereafter. Then, feel the glow. 
Please note: if you are pregnant or have sensitive skin you can omit the cinnamon. 


Sounds like an unlikely pairing but these two are all about toning oily skin. Sometimes we may experience too much oil because our digestion is still in heavy winter mode - causing excessive oil.  Also, our skin renews every 28 days but as we become older those days lengthen.  It’s time to bring in some strawberry-witch hazel assistance. 

What are the benefits? 
Strawberries contain a natural acid to help breakdown dead skin and reduce oiliness. Witch Hazel has the ability to also slough off dead skin, and reduce inflamed acne and eczema. So, let’s give our skin a bit of help by exfoliating (with strawberries) and toning (witch hazel) with this next mask. 


3 medium strawberries
1 tablespoon of witch hazel

Blend strawberries and witch hazel until it looks like a smoothie.  You can also add a strawberry or more/less witch hazel for your desired consistency.  Apply to skin for 5-10 minutes then rinse with cool water, tone and apply moisturizer.


Sounds like a yummy recipe for a sore throat (minus the sugar of course).  This baby here brightens with lemons, hydrates with honey and exfoliates with brown sugar.

What are the benefits?
Besides listing the benefits above lemons contain vitamin c that gives our skin that pop we so deserve, especially when we’re out and about at events.  Honey swoops in to give us that glow we all want, while brown sugar lifts the dead skin with each circular motion.  


1 teaspoon honey
½ teaspoon of lemon juice
1 teaspoon of brown sugar
Grind your brown sugar in your blender or coffee grinder (we want it in powder form). In a glass bowl add the rest of the ingredients, mix and apply to clean, dry skin. Massage in gentle circular motions for 1 minute. Leave on skin for 5-10 minutes. Rinse with cool water, apply toner then moisturize.  

Whew, you made it!  It wasn’t so hard right? These are easy peasy recipes to make on your spa day, before a date, after a yoga session or to place on your face during a mini meditation session.  Foods are life and are meant to improve our lives. I hope you enjoyed these easy recipes for this beautiful spring we’re having.  

Live beautifully !

Ginger-vee Carter is a natural skin care advocate and creator of CDF Skin Care.  Her handcrafted skin care features high quality ingredients from around the world where a percentage of sales support children's education. Carter's self-care focus is to treat skin struggles in a natural way.  Handmade In Illinois, via The Caribbean at

Written for Black Girl In Om

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