Champ de Fleurs - Caribbean Skincare

Champ de Fleurs

Luxury soaps highlighting natural ingredients found in the Caribbean.

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After an intense workout, this is my favorite bar. It’s immediately soothing and cooling, helps my muscles to relax. It doesn’t strip the skin at all. Like most of CDF’s soaps, I can’t stop touching my skin afterward. So smooth! It’s so rich and fragrant too. You know those scents that just calm you, help you breathe a little easier—this is it!

– Kestrel on the Verdant Bar

Last night I showered with a new Sun in Orange bar. What an experience! A delight to my vision, touch and smell. Visually I delighted in the generous size of the bar and how many showers we'd spend together. The feel of lather gathering was quick and abundant. The smell of citrus and maybe a spice really grounded me.

– Shalema on Sun in Orange Bar

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Verdant - Champ de Fleurs - Caribbean Skincare
Verdant - Champ de Fleurs - Caribbean Skincare Verdant - Champ de Fleurs - Caribbean Skincare Verdant - Champ de Fleurs - Caribbean Skincare Verdant - Champ de Fleurs - Caribbean Skincare

An ode to the island's lush vegetation.   

Menthol and peppermint stimulate dry skin while a note of rosemary calms the worn spirit.  The herbal superfoods in this bar cleanse and nourish the skin while cocoa butter and hemp soften and moisturize.   



Cocoa Butter: 100% raw, cold-pressed, natural vegetable fat. Positively improves skin's elasticity and skin-tone. 

Moringa: a natural vitamin C to brighten dull, dry skin, with Vitamin A for wound healing.

Neem: said to stimulate collagen and provide the skin with vitamin E and essential fatty acids.

The aroma of Rosemary and Peppermint: Fresh, woody-herbaceous with a somewhat minty-green menthol and, a woody-balsamic undernote. 

7 - 7.5 oz

* Use within 6 months of purchase




(Organic Rice) Oryza sativa l. bran oil, Distilled water, *Elaeis Guineensis (Organic Palm), *Cocos nucifera (Organic Coconut) Oil, *Theobroma cacao (Organic Cocoa) Butter, *Ricinus communis (Organic Castor) Seed Oil, *Azadirachta Indica (Organic Neem) Seed Oil (Organic Moringa) oleifera, *(Organic RosemaryEssential oil) Rosmarinus Officinalis,  Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract,  Mentha (Peppermint) Piperita Essential Oil, (Salt) Sodium Lactate, Chromium Oxide.

 *Certified Organic

made by hand

All bars are made by hand and created in my signature base of cocoa butter, rice oil, and coconut oil. Each bar is made with its own skin-loving herbs, spices, essential oils, vegetable oils, butters, antioxidants and extracts you can find growing lush in the Caribbean. Each bar is cured for 6 weeks, resulting in a creamy and moisturizing feel on the skin.


From the ordering process to the email confirmation to the packaging and handwritten thank you note to the products themselves, every thing is made with care!

– Dawn R.

I highly recommend body products from Ms. Ginger-vee as they are made with great skill, love, and patience. Well worth every penny.

– Shameka T.

Highly recommend to all of my beautiful women who would like to take a trip to the spa right in your own bathroom. I made a second purchase less than a month apart. The most luxurious bars you will EVER experience.

– Adrienne W.

I received it very quickly! It smelled amazing and it was so gentle in my skin! And it looks so pretty! An amazing experience all around!

– Sarah R.