Champ de Fleurs

Champ de Fleurs

Luxury soaps highlighting natural ingredients found in the Caribbean.

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I used the milk bar on my daughter with eczema and it's one of the first time I've felt her skin soo moisturized after a bath and I've tried so many different soaps. Thank youuu!

– Julissa on the Milk Bar


I loved the soaps I've purchased. I don't have any skin issues however I have sliced off parts and gifted them to friends and loved ones to try and they all RAVE about how either their skin cleared up, isn't as dry, don't require as much after moisturizing when they lather up with the wonderful smelling soaps you make. I keep coming back because the products are always consistently great and pure and no breakouts or side effects from usage. I recommend Champ De Fleurs to whomever is looking for a quality product.

– Tracy B

I felt the difference after one shower that's no exaggeration. Thanks I will be purchasing more.

– Kendra H

The aroma is delightful and it leaves my skin feeling smooth and delicious every time! #HappyCustomer

– Nakia H

Ginger never disappoints! Every collection always surprises me with new ingredients or those tried and tested favorites coming back reminding me why I love these soaps. Excellent customer service, easy shopping and timely shipping! My go to shop when I want to indulge.

– Jessica

From the ordering process to the email confirmation to the packaging and handwritten thank you note to the products themselves, every thing is made with care!

– Dawn R.

I highly recommend body products from Ms. Ginger-vee as they are made with great skill, love, and patience. Well worth every penny.

– Shameka T.

Highly recommend to all of my beautiful women who would like to take a trip to the spa right in your own bathroom. I made a second purchase less than a month apart. The most luxurious bars you will EVER experience.

– Adrienne W.

I received it very quickly! It smelled amazing and it was so gentle in my skin! And it looks so pretty! An amazing experience all around!

– Sarah R. on the Lemon Cookie

I recently purchased the milk bar and really love it. With sensitive/eczema prone skin, I have to be vigilant with scents and ingredients that I put onto my body. This bar is perfect for that and checks off all my boxes. My skin feels moisturized, clean and not irritated after using it. I’ve been a longtime supporter of this brand and will be back for more goodies especially this bar if it continues to be available. Much love ❤️

– Christine on the Milk Bar

I felt the difference after one shower that's no exaggeration. Thanks I will be purchasing more.

– Kendra H.